Reminder: Be Good to Yourself Tomorrow, “National Single Parent Day”

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our day — National Single Parent Day. (For details, click on the link below for my March 9, 2006 blog entry, “Our Own Official DAY: National Single Parent Day.”)

Have some fun with this. Make up buttons or badges that say “Kiss Me — I’m a Single Parent” or “Ask Me What Today Is.” How about a sexy bumper sticker that proclaims “Single Parents Make Better Lovers”? (Hmmm, maybe not.)

In any case, why not take the opportunity to indulge yourself a bit? If you’ve wanted to treat yourself to something nice for awhile, then do it tomorrow. Assuming you’re the type who feels guilty about doing something just for you, use the occasion of this official day in your honor to “justify” being extra good to yourself.

Think of it as your observance of a national holiday, like the Fourth of July or Labor Day. It’s the patriotic thing to do!