10 Most Common Photo Mistakes Scrapbookers Make (1)

There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. Layouts are a creative outlet for most, and can be done any way a scrapbooker is inspired to create it. However, the photos the scrapbooker uses, need to be the best quality they can be. Often, they make or break the final layout.

Here are five of the top ten most common photo mistakes that scrapbookers make, and how they can be avoided.

Forgetting the camera – Alright, we have all done it. Either carry a disposable camera, or purchase one that can fit into your purse. Try to be sure you always have your camera handy.

Red Eye/Pet Eye – While sometimes, there is just no way to keep it from happening, red eye and pet eye can be controlled somewhat. If you are able, turn on lights or adjust your subjects. If you wind up with photos that are full of red eye, either use a red eye pen or a computer software program that can help remove it.

Sloppiness – How many times have you gotten a roll of film developed or now in the digital age, uploaded a photo to your computer, only to find out that you have a photograph with a head cut off, or something growing out of someones head. The best way to avoid this problem, is just to pay attention. Try to center your subject until you become better.

Parallax – What’s that? It is when you are too close to the subject you are photographing which is common with a point and shoot camera. Just back up and keep your hand as steady as possible.

Out of Focus – This usually occurs when the subject is moving. Or perhaps the photographer moved slightly. Try to stay as still as you can, and work with the focus until you get it right.

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