10 Most Common Photo Mistakes Scrapbookers Make (2)

While there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook, photos are known to make or break the layout. With proper preparation you can be sure that you don’t make any of the most common mistakes made.

Here are five more of the top ten most common photo mistakes that scrapbookers make, and how they can be avoided.

Camera Shake – This is actually more common than we would like to admit. Usually occurs when the wind is blowing, or the photographer moves or shakes slightly. The only way to help is to keep the camera as steady as possible or use a faster film. Since using a faster film is not an answer for a digital camera, keeping your hands steady is the only option. Keep elbows close to your side, and take a deep breath and hold it right before you press the button.

Back lighting – Usually this means shadows on the subject or a darkened face. Try moving into the shade and position the subject so the light is on them. You can also zoom in on the subject or use the fill flash to help combat back lighting problems.

Poor exposure – This isn’t as much of a problem with modern technology what it is. Digital camera’s don’t usually have this problem, but I still use both. With a film camera, the reason for poor exposure is typically because the film is too slow for the type of photo you were aiming for or you did not use a flash.

Partial Obstruction – Admittedly, I’ve done it and I’m positive so have you. The finger over the lens or the lens strap in the picture. Or maybe just dirt or dust on your lens. Be sure and check your lens each time you are going to use your camera. Also carry a soft camera cloth with you to wipe the lens frequently while you are using it.

No picture at all – Haven’t you ever had that happen? You know you took the photo, you might even remember setting it up. But there was no picture there. Sometimes this happens because the film was not loaded properly, the shutter wasn’t pressed firmly, or maybe you forgot to load film if it was a film camera. With a digital camera it is more commonly the issue of not having the shutter released completely. Just be sure to press firmly.

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