10 Things You Find In a Happy Marriage

10 Things You Find In a Happy Marriage

When it comes to a happy marriage, we all want one and we all want to find the secret ingredient, the secret steps, and the secret to making our marriage a happy one. There are many times that we describe our marriages like a garden. We use this analogy because we know that if we don’t tend to our gardens, they will not wither and die. They will become overrun with weeds and they will not be what we want them to be.

So we know what we’re looking for in a well-tended garden, but do we know what we’re looking for in a happy marriage? Do we know what the signs are of a happy and satisfied couple? Do we know what activities and actions are remarkable of a happy couple?

So to answer those questions, here are the 10 things couples do when they are happy with their marriage and their relationship:

* They Go to Bed At the Same Time – That’s right, they go to bed together. Whether they want to make love, snuggle up and talk or just feel the closeness of each other as they fall asleep, they go to bed together and one partner may get back up after the other has gone to sleep, but they give each other the comfort of being together whenever they are going to sleep.

* They Develop Shared Interests – Whether they shared these interests before they got married or discovered them after, happy couples enjoy spending time together so much that they work together to find things to do together.

* They Hold hands – Whether they are in the car, walking in a store or walking in the park – they hold hands and walk side by side, because it’s important for them to be together in whatever they are doing.

* Accentuate the Positive – Happy couples focus more on the positive aspects of each other more than the negative – it’s not about the few things they do wrong, but all the things they do right.

* Forgiveness and Trust are the Rule – If an argument can’t be solved or resolved, the happy couple chooses trust and forgiveness over the alternatives.

* Hugs and Kisses are what happens when the happy couple sees each other after any absence whether it’s 1 hour or 1 day.

* I Love You’s are not perfunctory, they are vital for the happy couple to be said and to be heard every morning, every afternoon and every evening.

* Saying good morning and good night is important because it acknowledges a happy couples partnership and their commitment to each other because they don’t let the little or the big things slide.

* Happy couples reach out to each other all day long whether it’s a quick two minute phone call or instant messages where they can keep their fingers on the pulse of the relationship.

* Happy couples take pride in each other, they are proud to be seen together, they are proud of their achievements and they are proud to just be together.

Do you and your spouse show signs of being a happy couple?

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