$1.00 Ribbon Storage Option

On a kick to budget organize, I thought I would try to be a bit creative in my endeavors for good storage options for my various supplies. I did a lot of research, chatting with scrapbookers and asking around to see how others organized certain supplies. I then tried to find a way to store that same product in a cheaper, more economical method.

The first thing I did was take a trip to the dollar store. The reason for the trip was actually a Monday Layout Challenge, but while browsing the aisles, I came upon this:

It is a Sterilite Storage Crate and you can find them online too, however I only paid $1.00 and I have seen them online for up to $3.50 plus you have to add in shipping and handling, so try your dollar store first.

The next thing I did was born and stemmed from my Kitchen discovery that I related in this article. Once I saw how simple it was to use this kitchen item for ribbon storage, I thought this crate was perfect for the same exact thing.

The only difference in the crate method, is that it is cheaper, and the holes are bigger. However, this did not bother me much, because I could add more than one strand of ribbon through each hole allowing for a lot more storage.

These crates are stackable, and you can stuff a whole lot inside. Simply pull out the amount you need, snip with a sharp pair of scissors and there you go. No spools to put away, no mess to clean up. This was a very easy method for me to adapt, especially with my loose ribbons.

Need a cheap and simple storage method for ribbon on a spool? Stay tuned to the scrapbooking blog for that article coming soon!

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