100th Day of School Celebration

The 100th day of school has become a well-known celebration among primary classroom teachers. Teaching magazines are full of posters, banners, crowns, glasses, pencils, and novelties that can be purchased for the festivities. I think that the 100th day of school celebration began because of the accomplishment of being able to count to 100. Each day my kindergarten students and I count the days of school.

My class’s 100th day of school will be Tuesday, January 30th. On Tuesday, we will count to 100! Some other activities that are planned include a 100th day parade. In this parade all of the kindergarten children wear their watercolor 100th day crown and walk up and down the hall singing and chanting 100th day poems and songs. The other teachers and students cheer as we walk by them. This is a great self-esteem booster for my children! Each student has also traced, cut out, and decorated the number 100 to hang on the wall. As a family project, each kindergarten student was asked to find 100 items at home to place in a zip lock bag and bring to school. So far we have beans, Fruit Loops, candy hearts, pretzels, and marshmallows in our bags.

We have also asked parents to send a snack to share with the class on Tuesday. We will divide the snacks and give each student ten pieces of ten different items. The class is very excited about having 100 snacks on Tuesday!! For math, we will count to 100 by ones and tens and attempt to count by twos and fives. We also will enjoy books such as the 100 Hungry Ants, Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of School, The 100th Day of School, and One Hundred Shoes.

One favorite activity of mine, that usually works better with a higher level than kindergarten, is to have children make a picture using 100 items (such as stickers). Tuesday should be a very exciting and eventful day for us!

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