15 Creative Uses for Muffin Pans

Muffin pans can be had very cheaply at almost any yard sale or thrift store. There are so many creative and frugal uses for muffin pans. Here are just a few.

  1. Make soap using a silicone muffin pan as a mold
  2. Make a frugal breakfast
  3. Freeze chicken stock or broth in them
  4. Store screws, nails and bolts
  5. Use them to organize beads for crafting
  6. Store little girl hair clips in them. You can organize them all by color or type to make getting dressed in the morning so much easier.
  7. Use one for a rustic decoration. Just nail or screw one with its bottom to the wall, and place decorative items in the cups.
  8. Use a muffin pan to hold finger paints. You can place one color in each cup.
  9. Use a muffin pan as a desk organizer. You can fill up the cups with rubber bands, paperclips, whatever you need, to keep all of your supplies neat and handy.
  10. Having a party or eating outdoors? Muffin pan make convenient caddies to carry soda cans, drinking cups, condiments, etc.
  11. You a muffin pan when you head to the beach. The cups are great for storing shells, sea glass and pebbles. You can assign a certain number of cups to each child, so there won’t be any fighting over whose treasures belong to whom.
  12. Use a muffin pan whenever you have a home improvement project, such as putting together toys or furniture. The cups can hold different size screws, nails, or other small assembly objects so you won’t have to fish around for them or lose them as you work.
  13. Serving snacks at a play date? Colorful silicon muffin pans can hold snacks for everyone. And since the portions are already dished out, there will be no fighting.
  14. When cooking, a muffin pan can hold a bunch of ingredients, such as minced garlic, chopped onion, grated cheese, chocolate chips, etc. You can save a lot of counter-space when you use a muffin pan instead of several different bowls.
  15. If you are entertaining, use a muffin pan as a pretty centerpiece. Place a votive candle in each cup and tie a ribbon or raffia around the edge of the muffin pan. You can also vary the colors of the votive candles depending on the type of holiday.

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