15 Writing Prompts for Thanksgiving

This week we are exploring ways that we can blend Thanksgiving and homeschooling. We’ve already talked about 25 Books about Thanksgiving and today we are going to focus on writing.

Just in case you don’t know what a writing prompt is. . .use any one of these questions or lines as an idea starter for your child’s journal.

1. Make a list of 25 things you are Thankful for.

2. Create a collection of family recipes for Thanksgiving.

3. Write a letter to another country where there is no Thanksgiving. Try to convince them that they should institute the holiday.

4. Imagine that you are on the Mayflower. Write a letter home to your friends in England telling them what the journey is like and what you’re looking forward to.

5. Write a letter as a turkey, convincing people to eat other things besides turkey for Thanksgiving. Include recipes and serving suggestions!

6. Write a letter home as one of the first pilgrims who celebrated Thanksgiving.

7. Look up various Thanksgiving Day Traditions. Which do you think is the most interesting and why?

8. Describe how you celebrate Thanksgiving. What is your favorite part?

9. Describe your favorite Thanksgiving memory.

10. Do several book reviews for books that are about Thanksgiving.

11. Write a dialogue from the point of view of other animals who are glad that turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving.

12. Imagine that you were blind. What smells and noises let you know that it is Thanksgiving Day? Write a poem.

13. Write a Thanksgiving Day play.

14. Choose a historical figure such as Pocahontas, John Smith or the captain of the Mayflower. If you could interview that person, what questions would you ask him/her.

15. Your parents have decided to skip Thanksgiving and take a family vacation to Hawaii. Is this a good or bad idea? Write a persuasive essay convincing them of your position.

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