$25 off $49 ConAgra Purchase at Amazon.com

What’s ConAgra? ConAgra is a food company with more than seventy brands. I happen to be munching on David sunflower seeds right now and they’re, yep, a ConAgra food. What else might you have eaten this week made by ConAgra? Did you have some Orville Redenbacher popcorn when you watched that tearjerker movie? How about a SlimJim for an after-school snack? Okay, so nobody will admit to eating SlimJims. Somebody must be since they’re selling over five hundred million a year. I do know that they’re highly requested at AnySoldier.com. Out of curiosity, I went and checked my stash to see how many ConAgra brands I could find. In my stockpile, there are fourteen different foods! From one company. I think I need to get on their coupon mailing list!

There’s the Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup that I got on sale and with a coupon. Unfortunately, my husband adds so much salt to it that I doubt it’s healthy any longer. Then there’s Eli’s Chef Boyardee overstuffed ravioli. Well, there’s one can of it anyway. I can’t seem to keep that stuff stocked. Mmmm! Is there any comfort food as good as Rosarita refried beans on a homemade tortilla? Well, except chocolate, of course. LaChoy, Gulden’s, Libby’s, and many others round out the list.

It’s rare that I buy something at full retail so this is a pretty interesting sale. Checking my price book, I can still do as well or almost as well waiting for a coupon and sale together. But why wait? Especially when they’re delivered to my door through Amazon.com? Through September 15, 2007, take $25 off your purchase of $49 worth of ConAgra through Amazon. Of course, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’ll want to make it $25 off $50 so you get free shipping.

Remember to buy from Amazon grocery, not a third party, to qualify for the discount. Enter SNACKS99 at checkout for the discount.

Link to ConAgra promotion