3 Meals that Feed Your Family for $1.50 or Less

Yes, you can actually feed a family of four or more for $1.50 or less. Keep these meals in mind during emergency times or add them to you regular meal planning. Here are three meals that will cost just pennies to create. They are completely flexible. These aren’t recipes, per se, but meal ideas that you can adapt to fit your family and what you have available. I didn’t count in the cost of drinks, since we usually just have water, which is free or sometimes milk, which can add to the cost of the meal.

With these meals, you can also “splurge” and add a salad for just a little more, or even a homemade desert. It is up to you. But here are the basics.


Pasta is one of the biggest meal bargains around. It is completely versatile, and I recommend that you keep a lot of it handy. Add some red sauce or a butter and herb sauce, and this meal can feed up to eight for around $1.50

How is this calculated? A large bag of egg noodles: 75 cents; a can of sauce: 50 cents. or, you can melt some butter: $1.00 and add some fresh grown herbs (free) or store bought herbs: 50 cents.

Soup And Bread

Soup and bread is an old standby for frugal families, especially when you make it all from scratch. Soup can be made from pretty much anything and can utilize any leftovers you might already have. You can make an elaborate french onion soup a hearty potato soup or a traditional broth soup. It is a filling meal that is especially wonderful in cool weather.

How is this calculated? Homemade chicken stock made from bones and water (free); celery and carrots (30 cents); egg noodles (20 cents); leftover pieces of chicken picked from the bones (free): 50 cents.


I love frittatas. Not only are they inexpensive and easy to prepare, but they are also a kids pleaser in my home. Frittatas again take advantage of using leftovers, and kids will even have fun mixing them all together.

How is this calculated? Six eggs: 90 cents; a cup of swiss or parmesan cheese: 40 cents; leftover pasta and veggies: 20 cents.

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