3 Ways to Have Fun Preparing to Go Back to School

Can you believe it’s almost time? In some parts of the nation, children have already returned to the classroom and are hard at work. The rest are busy with school supply lists and last minute summer fun. Here are some ways to make it fun while preparing for back to school.

Fling or Fine Fashion Show – Nobody likes trying on clothing before school starts, but many households follow this practice each year. Finding out what fits, and doesn’t fit can be fun though. While children are trying things on, making it a fun time by staging a fashion show. Simply roll out the red carpet (a few towels in any color or a large twin sheet will work fine), turn on the stage lights (use some flashlights or if you have track lighting adjust accordingly) and let the fun begin. Have the child try on the clothing, walk the carpet and as the come out to show off the next outfit, have a basket or tote handy. Label one with FLING and one with FINE. The clothing that you are keeping should go into the container labeled FINE, and the clothing you wish to get rid of should go into the container FLING.

School Supply Scavenger Hunt – There isn’t any child that doesn’t get excited at the prospect of fresh notebooks, new sharp pencils and unmarked pink erasers along with new book bags and lunch boxes. Why not include even the youngest children in a school supply scavenger hunt. On a piece of paper write down an easy list of items that your child can locate for you while you are in the store. Write down things like GLUE, SCISSORS, FOLDERS, ERASERS and each time your child finds one, allow them to cross it off the list. It might make shopping take a little longer, but you’ll have a more cooperative child who is having fun and helping mom.

Back to School Night Party – We have tried to do this several times for our kids, but sometimes they start school in the middle of the week, so occasionally we wait until the weekend. We throw them a little back to school party. We make carrot stick pencils (slice a carrot in quarters lengthwise and with a toothpick attach a pink marshmallow), sharpened pencil shavings (oatmeal), paper pancakes (form pancakes into the shape of paper and put three holes down the left side when done), smart scrambled brains (simply scrambled eggs), and other items. Usually we end the night with some school themed cupcakes. You can usually buy toppers at a store that sells cake supplies or you can use icing to draw different school supplies on the top. We end the night by giving the kids a “ready for school” treat bag. Usually it has a few pieces of candy, a couple of special pencils and pens, a fun little notepad, some novelty erasers and other fun dollar store type items. The kids love it and even the two oldest (who are in 8th grade) still enjoy this special time.

Those are just three ways I can think of to make planning for school loads of fun. There are plenty more. What do you do to make back to school fun?

Nicole Humphrey writes about the creative and memory preserving side of life and families in the Scrapbooking Blog and Fun Blog, provides helpful hints to blended families and single parents on the Parents Blog, and provides informative tips and advice for students, teachers and parents on the Education Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.