36 Money Making Ideas for Kids and Teens

The next time your kids or teen needs something new, why not suggest that they earn some money on their own. Sit down with this list and see if there is anything on it that they would like to do to earn some cash. Of course you want to encourage them to be frugal about their money, and when they have to earn it on their own, it may bring the money value lesson on the forefront of their thinking.

Obviously, you want to keep the child’s age in mind as you review this list. A five-year-old would find it difficult to clean out someone’s garage, while a 15-year-old would feel ridiculous selling lemonade. Some ideas can cross age boundaries, though, such as gathering old items for a yard sale.
Have fun and see if this list generates some of your own new ideas.

  1. Selling lemonade
  2. Selling toys at a yard sale
  3. Bringing their old clothing to consignment
  4. Growing and selling produce
  5. Growing and selling flowers
  6. Lawn mowing and yard work
  7. Selling pencils, stickers or small toys (get them in a gross at Oriental Trading or at a wholesale supply)
  8. Cleaning out someone’s garage
  9. Baby sitting
  10. Pet sitting and dog walking
  11. Raising and selling small pets, such as birds or rabbits (check your town’s regulations, and make sure your child is responsible)
  12. Raising chickens and selling eggs
  13. Carrying groceries up apartment stairs for people
  14. Gathering change around the house
  15. Baking and selling muffins or cookies
  16. Sweeping sidewalks and driveways
  17. Painting fences
  18. Teach a skill, such as swimming or computers
  19. Make and sell greeting cards (check with a local business and ask if you can sell them there)
  20. Take instant photos at an event, such as a fair or festival
  21. Tutor someone younger
  22. Make and sell jewelry
  23. Weed gardens
  24. Deliver newspapers
  25. Wash cars
  26. Type papers and documents
  27. Be a party entertainer (magic, clown, etc)
  28. Be a party helper (help harried parents with setting up a birthday party, serving food, corralling young kids)
  29. Face painting
  30. Mother’s helper
  31. Snow removal
  32. Mr or Miss Fix it (assemble bikes, hang picture frames and do minor and safe repairs)
  33. Paint and sell rocks as paperweights or worry stones
  34. Make and sell birdhouses
  35. Wash windows
  36. Sell cold bottled water at the park or the beach

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