4 Simple Ways To Be Creative With Your Layouts

Scrapbooking is all about creativity, which is why often I urge people to use their imaginations and get creative with the things they are designing. There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook, especially if you’re having fun and enjoying the design process.

Are you looking to add a little creativity to your layouts? Try something a little different than what you normally do? Well, here are some great ways to be creative with your layouts while providing them with a little extra pizazz.

Sequins – Adding sequins to certain elements on your scrapbook page, works almost the same way as buttons, glitter or beads might. Use a sequin to be the center of a flower sticker, or die cut punch. Maybe some black sequins can become the buttons down the front of a snowman. Or perhaps you can pile a few on top of each other and they can become the ice cream that ice cream cone you’ve been looking for.

Doodle Designs – Take a pencil and draw some swirls or doodles. Using ribbon or fiber, you can follow along those lines, glue them down and create a very cool background.

Pockets – Pockets can be made of many materials but my favorites are fabric and mesh. Cutting the pocket out of old clothes and putting it on a layout is something I just tried and I love how it looks. Mesh is fun to make pockets out of because the items can be seen through. An embellished tag might look great in a mesh pocket.

Lace/Ribbon – Always a good staple when scrapbooking, lace and/or ribbon can add an elegant touch that can really make a layout special. If you are working on baby pictures, perhaps you could add some lace to the bottom of the mat on your focal photograph. Or tie a ribbon around the bottom of the photo and secure it in place with some glue. There are dozens of ways to use ribbon and lace on a layout.

Do you use anything to add a little pizazz to an otherwise simple layout?

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