5 Great Fitness Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming and for those of you keeping track, it’s one week from this coming Sunday. I think we should honor our mothers all the time, after all – they raised us, they gave us our sense of morality, our joy and our comfort. They kissed away our pain, they cheered on our accomplishments and more. So what can you give to your wife, your mother, your mother-in-law, your sister, your teachers and more – all of who are our mothers or the mother of our children?

I’m a Mom

I always thought my mom and my grandmother were important. I always did my best to honor them on Mother’s Day, but the trick is to honor them all year long. Still, we have Mother’s Day, so let’s talk about what we can do for our moms this Mother’s Day and the best fitness gifts that I can think of and what many moms would enjoy.

New Moms

Did your wife just have a baby this year? Consider getting her a jogging stroller. There are many kinds of strollers out there that are wide and enclosed, perfect for young children to ride around in while Mom power walks or runs. The screens keep the bugs off them and the canopy protects them from too much sunshine. There are versions of these jogging strollers that can be attached to your bicycle as well. This is a great way to encourage fitness while letting them take care of the baby at the same time!

Everyday Moms

Are you a soccer mom? Do you spend more time in your car running your little ones around to their various after school activities whether it’s soccer, dance or gymnastics? Give her a pedometer that lets her keep track of her steps. This type of fitness gift is good for moms looking to dive into a 10,000 steps a day program and more.

Another great gift is the iPod. I love my iPod, it’s got all my music loaded on it and I can create a play list of music to fit my mood whether I’m walking, running or biking. iPods give you the freedom to take your music with you. It’s also a great way to listen to your favorite play list while the baby is sleeping if you don’t want to disturb them

Your Mom

Is your mom an older woman? Does she enjoy a fit and steady lifestyle? How about buying her a good pair of walking shoes or treating her to a day at the spa. My mother is very active and she likes to get new clothes or comfortable shoes around this time of the year. She walks pretty much wherever she goes – so a good pair of walking shoes is always appreciated.

Lastly, another great fitness gift is a tray of annuals or gardening supplies. I love to garden and gardening is a great way to help maintain your fitness. So instead of giving her a bouquet of roses, give her a rose bush – instead of carnations with chocolates and a teddy bear, give her a tray of petunias, impatiens or even daisies. They will bloom throughout the summer – a gift that continues to give.

We’ll take a good look at more fitness gifts for moms over the next couple of weeks and hang in there dads, you’re coming up next month.

What do you want to give to the moms in your life this Mother’s Day?

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