5 Great Information Resources for M.O.M.s (Mothers of Multiples)

As any mother of twins (or more) can tell you, being blessed with two little bundles at one time is not in any way, shape or form, like having one baby at a time–even if the said babies are close in age. It is not a little harder than one newborn, and it is certainly not easier as one very worn out mother told me saying, “Well, at least lots of people will help you.” Having multiples is exponentially harder than having one baby and believe me, we M.O.M.s can use all the resources we can get.

1. National Organization of Mother’s of Twins Clubs, Inc.

This national organization has more than 475 individual clubs throughout the United States. It serves approximately 21,000 families. Their mission statement reads, “Our goal is to improve public awareness of the needs of multiple birth children by fostering development of local support groups, enhancing the quality of educational materials available to parents, educators and others and by cooperating with and participating in research projects which involve twins and/or their families.”

This is a great place to connect with other families of with multiples as well as a great place for “collecting” information before you give birth. There are membership dues but most clubs allow you to attend once or twice for free before deciding if you want to join.

2. Twin Services

This educational organization’s motto reads: “Relieving twinshock since 1978” The coined term twinshock admittedly makes me giggle, but that about sums it up. While they offer consulting to families in their area, they also have a wide variety of reading material to help parents cope with the unique challenges of being a parent to twins. They have a free reading room on their website with tons of useful material.

3. The Elizabeth Lyons Website

Maybe it’s because I’m also a mother of twins, or maybe I was feeling in a particularly snaky mood when I visited her site but this one is an absolute must see AFTER you have your twins. You are likely not to get the humor until you’re in the midst of having your hands full of twins. Her site is full of helpful advice too, and she writes it with such humor that it will be a good pick-me-up for a day that seems never ending.

4. Mom 2 Many

This is your basic “baby center” type online community for families with multiples in Canada. It is an excellent resource.

5. Multiple Births: Prenatal Education and Bereavement Support

A very comprehensive website and one of the few that deals with the loss of one multiple.

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