5 Great Organizational Tips For Your Scrapbooking Area

Organizing could almost be considered a hobby all on its own. Many people actually enjoy the process of organizing and seem to almost always have some project going at one time or another. I love to organize, especially when it comes down to my scrapbooking. Being able to find something fast is important as well as a prime key to my productivity.

Here are 5 great scrapbooking tips to get you organized:

1. Project Drawer – Having a project drawer is an awesome way to store projects that are currently in use. You can purchase something specifically for it, or you could use a drawer you already have. This way, you can store the photographs, layout and embellishments for the layout you are working on, right there in one place and nothing will get lost or forgotten. Your layout will not get damaged either.

2. Shoe Pockets – I love the idea of a hanging shoe pocket rack, simply because it utilizes not only vertical space, but in addition it can be hung on the back of the door and not seen. Inside the shoe pockets you can store everything from small embellishments to rubber stamps to ink pads to scrapbooking tools. Purchase more than one and you can have one for each type of product. They can even hang on top of each other.

3. Spice Rack – A spice rack can be so versatile in scrapbooking. There are so many options available from a rack with jars to a rack with steps. You can place items inside jars, or simply store rubber stamps in a graduated form. I have three different versions. With one I store some of my small embellishments, with another I actually do have some wood stamps and I store them on there, and with the other, I store my paints so I can see what I have easier.

4. Dollar Store Stuff – I love the idea of shopping at the dollar store when you are trying to get organized. A fun and frugal way to save some money but get organized all at the same time. What can you find at the dollar store? Pill boxes, buckets, baskets, hardware (for assembly and for layouts), glass jars, bottles, bowls, plastic containers, etc.

5. Pill Bottles – Most families have them from time to time, and they are an awesome option for small embellishment storage or embossing powders. You can alter the bottle to make it look more attractive and place them on your spice rack to store.

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