5 Quick and Fast Journaling Tips

Many scrapbookers feel that journaling is daunting task that is usually put off until last. Some scrapbookers don’t even include journaling on their pages, because it takes too much time and effort. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are a few ways to make it a bit more fast and easy, than simply writing all the time.

Blogs – If you have a blog, and you update it at all, you might be able to use entire posts for your scrapbook. You could simply cut, paste and print it, finally placing it on the layout at the end.

Email – This is another way you might be able to do some quick and fast journaling. You can check past emails and see if you have any material that might work as journaling.

Message Boards – Sometimes I can go back and read a post I wrote on a message board and find a “story” that I wish to use in my scrapbooks. Especially if you visit any ‘off topic’ sections on the board. You might have journaling material every time you visit.

Calendar or Daily Planner – If you have one of these, you can utilize them the same way as the first two suggestion, only probably not as thorough. It will be easier to remember dates though, if you record this information onto a calendar each day, and then you can just pull it out when you are wishing to sit down to journal.

Journal – You don’t have to keep a journal to actually do some journaling. You could purchase a notebook and leave it by your bed. Each night as you are preparing to go to sleep, you could jot a couple of sentences (two or three would be completely sufficient) about what happened that day. You might find that the task relaxes you before bed, and it will come in quite handy when you are ready to journal any photographs you took that day.

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