5 Tips to Save Money Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking can be so expensive. I love to share tips on ways to save money on your scrapbooking and supplies. Here is a great list of 5 ways to save and keep your budget under control.

1. Make the Write Choice
Save money on your scrapbooking pens. I use black, brown and navy blue the most often in my scrapbooks. Do you find yourself using one color more than others? Then just purchase those colors when you need new scrapbook pens or markers.

2. A Home for Your Layouts
When purchasing albums, you can find them at many discount stores. However, Michaels and Joann’s offer coupons for 40% off and you can purchase your albums at a great discount. Watch for the occasional 50% coupon as well. When buying page protectors stay away from the scrapbook store and focus on the office supply store or a discount chain. Prices tend to be a bit cheaper at these places and you can purchase lots!

3. Paper, Paper and More Paper
What scrapbooker doesn’t have a nice large stash of paper? Well, there is a way to save on your paper investment as well. Purchase Joann’s Cardstock Stacks or the Cardstock Slab at Michaels. There are also some great patterned paper slabs available too. This saves you money and gets you lots of colors and papers. If you like scrapbooking with white cardstock, I purchase the Wausau brand (available at office supply stores). Its acid- and lignin- free paper.

4. Scrap This
Save all of your paper scraps. You can use scraps to mat photos, for journaling, borders or anything else. You can also use them to color block your page. It creates a gorgeous background that costs next to nothing.

5. An Eye for an Eyelet
When purchasing eyelets, you should stick with neutral colors. Gold, silver, bronze, black and white are perfect colors. They go with almost anything.
You save money buy not purchasing tons of colors you might not ever use.

Because I enjoy saving money on my supplies, I will offer some more tips next week, so watch my blog!