5 Topics to Discuss before Marriage

How many couples do you know take the time to discuss money, children and other important issues before they get married? Maybe you jumped right into marriage without seriously considering some of these life-impacting issues.

If you or someone you know is considering tying the knot, here are five topics that you should discuss before walking down the aisle. It could save a lot of conflict in the future.

The first is children. Do you both want children? Nothing is more devastating than a couple getting married and one expecting to have children but the other one dead set against it.

Talk ahead of time not only about whether or not you want children but how many you would like. You should also discuss discipline, education and if someone will stay home with them in the early years. While decisions regarding some of these issues can change, you should still have a good idea on what each person thinks and expects.

The second topic you should discuss is money. Know how much debt (if any) you both have. Figure out a way to get out of it and talk about how you will manage your finances. Who is better at balancing the checkbook? How much money do you want to put away?

You should also discuss putting together a budget. Talk about your goals, such as buying a house. How will you make that happen?

The third thing you should talk about before getting married is sex. It might not sound very romantic to discuss techniques or how often it should happen, but it will definitely save a lot of headaches later on (pun intended).

The fourth thing you need to talk about is your religious beliefs, if you have any. This will also end up affecting any children you have in the future. Will you attend church? What religion will you practice?

The last thing is work. What are your career goals? Does one of you want to further their education? How will this happen? Is there the possibility your future spouse’s job could require a transfer?

In addition to paid work, you should also talk about work at home. Who will do what chores? Who is going to be responsible for grocery shopping and cooking?

Discussing these topics before marriage could end up saving it later on. But it can also eliminate unnecessary stress and strain.

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