5 Ways to Reconnect in Your Marriage

When we get married, the first years of our relationship may coast as you continue to celebrate your union. With the birth of children, more gems are added to the beautiful jewels of your life. Still, at some point, every couple hits a rocky patch. Maybe they are too busy or maybe they have changed. The simple fact is that conflicts happen, even in the happiest of relationships.

Conflicts do not end relationships, healthy conflicts help you air things out in the relationship and healthy arguments are the root of a good debate. Still, if you are concerned about not being connected to your spouse or feeling a distance growing between you – then here are some ways to help you and your spouse reconnect in your marriage.

  • Date Nights – We offer lots of suggestions for date nights here in the marriage blog, but dating your spouse is a great way to spend quality time together with them as well as reconnecting. It’s time you set aside that’s private and just for each of you. Make it a point to have one or two evenings a month that are dedicated to just the two of you.
  • Religious? Pray together – prayer is an act that draws people together and it doesn’t even require a lot of time. You can hold hands and share prayer over a meal and before bed. Whether you pray aloud or silently, the act of shared prayer is an act of intimacy between married couples
  • Play Together – playing together is what draws people together whether they are children, teenagers or adults. If you are looking to reconnect with your spouse play with them – whether it’s a sport, an exercise, a board game or a simple round of gin rummy – playing gives you time to laugh, tease and talk
  • Hobbies – do you both have hobbies that you enjoy? Just like playing together is a way to enjoy and reconnect, spending time together on similar activities and hobbies is another way. Check out the different things you like to do and spend time with each other doing it – you can introduce your spouse to new things and learn new things from them
  • Express Your Respect – it’s easy to take your spouse for granted, but don’t do it. Thank them for doing the laundry, mowing the grass, putting up the dishes and even making the dinner. Express your caring and respect for each other in different ways – it’s amazing what a little gratitude and respect can do for helping you and your spouse to reconnect

How do you and your spouse reconnect?

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