52 Fitness Changes – Part 4

Continuing on with the blog series, “52 Fitness Changes,” we are going to tackle fitness changes for weeks 31 through 49. By this time we have made some significant changes that will help our overall health.

Remember that fitness is more than just exercise; it is changing the way you eat. It is not dieting; it is creating a new lifestyle.

Week 31 – don’t skip meals (helps to avoid you becoming too hungry and the risk of overeating)

Week 32 – implement circuit training into your workout routine

Week 33 – switch to a whole grain diet (with your bread, cereal, etc.)

Week 34 – implement step aerobics into your workout routine

Week 35 – switch from 2% or whole milk to skim milk

Week 36 – implement weight training into your workout routine

Week 37 – if you can’t give up your coffee, at least eliminate the “extras” (cream, sugar, etc.)

Week 38 – focus this week on working your core

Week 39 – add granola or fresh fruit to your yogurt

Week 40 – pack a healthy lunch for work and for your children at school

Week 41 – implement Pilates into your workout routine

Week 42 – if you go out to a fast food restaurant, replace the fries with a healthier side order

Week 43 – substitute mayo on your sandwich with mustard

Week 44 – be adventurous; try a new fruit or vegetable that you have never had

Week 45 – cut down on red fatty meats and increase lean cuts of poultry or fish

Week 46 – trim fat from your meat before cooking

Week 47 – grill or broil your meats instead of frying

Week 48 – instead of cooking with butter, use canola or olive oil

Week 49 – put on your favorite music and dance away for an hour (dancing burns a lot of calories)

In my next blog we are going to finish up with the last two weeks and talk about other ways you can implement fitness changes.

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