6 Supplies To Use When Chalking On Your Layouts

Working with chalks is both fun and a creative way to express yourself, add a little bit of flair to your pages and add color where there wasn’t any before. But working with chalks can get really messy, and while some scrapbookers don’t mind applying the chalk with their fingers, this isn’t the best method.

The problem with using your fingers is that you have oils in your skin that can cause damage to your photos and layouts. There are a lot of different applicators made for using with chalk, and even some that weren’t actually made for working with chalk.

Here are a few basic supplies to have on hand when working with chalks.

Cotton Swabs – These are easy to come by and are available in huge boxes for less than a dollar a box. They are a cheap and easy applicator.

Cotton Balls – Another perfect applicator. Also great for blending the chalk you have applied.

Kleenix/Napkins/Paper Towels – Not only great for clean ups since chalking can get messy, but you can also use them to apply the chalk or smudge or blend it as well.

Sponges – From make up sponges to craft sponges, each will give your project a different look. Experiment with different kinds to get a look you really love.

Paint Brushes – These work great for application, but better for blending. Plus if you would like to stroke the chalk drawing with a bit of water, a paint brush is a great tool to use and is easy to control.

Blending Pen – Another great chalk tool that works almost like a paintbrush but with a marker type tip. Refills are available and a blending pen makes your projects look great.

Do you use anything new or different to apply chalk to your scrapbook projects? Please feel free to share!

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