7 Frugal Reasons I Won’t Be Going Shopping on Black Friday (3)

shopping bags Whether you are home today avoiding the stores as I am, or just returned from you Black Friday shopping trip, I hope that you are having a nice and very frugal day. Personally, I am avoiding it all, the Black Friday shopping and even the Black Friday ads. I don’t want to be tempted to run out for that one special thing that I didn’t know I needed.

I have been sharing some of the seven reasons why I won’t be going shopping on Black Friday. If you missed either of those two posts, you can click for them here: 7 Frugal Reasons I Won’t Be Going Shopping on Black Friday and 7 Frugal Reasons I Won’t Be Going Shopping on Black Friday (2)
Now, here are my last two reasons.

6. Spending money on gas. While it is true that gas prices have recently gone down in price, gas still costs quite a bit to purchase. There are two ways that Black Friday can really get you with using gas. One is by having you drive far away to get your bargain, and in some cases, you spend more on gas to get the sale than the money you save on the sale. Another way is by having you go from store to store looking for that Black friday special that has been sold out. Again, you may use more in gas than you save with the bargain. And the last way is having you go all around town to hit all of the Black Friday sales at different stores.

7. Using up valuable time. If you enjoy the energy of shopping on Black Friday, then you can justify the time that it all takes as a form of entertainment. Personally, I get tired of the long lines and fighting through the crowd within the first hour. Spending all of that time on Black Friday means there is less time to do something frugal, such as do-it-yourself home improvement projects, mending, sorting through hand-me-downs, making toys for the kids, etc.

What do you think? Will you be shopping today?

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Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day?

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