7 Ideas for Frugal Date Night

couple Whether you are looking for a date night with your spouse or wondering what to do on a first date, you can spend less and still impress. Here are 7 different ideas for frugal dates that fun and sometimes even free.

1. Instead of the fancy dinner at a fine restaurant, opt for happy hour at your local fun and inexpensive restaurant. There is bound to be a festive atmosphere, and you can enjoy drinks and appetizers for less than half the cost of that fancy dinner.

2. Check out evening museum programs. Many local museums offer free or reduced admission on weekend evenings to draw interest. Discussing art may tell you a lot about a person, and there are plenty of corners in which to sneak a hug or quick kiss.

3. Make a romantic dinner at home. Turn it into a date by choosing something new and exotic to prepare, get out the fine tableware and candles and put on some music. This works really well if you have kids. Have your date after they are in bed asleep, and you’ll save money on the baby sitting as well.

4. Be a kid again. Choose a fun activity that will remind you of being a teenager on an allowance. Go bowling, roller skating, hiking or just out for pizza.

5. Get to know your town or city. Explore your region like tourist. If you are in a city, visit the best hot dog stand or compare pretzels at different vendors. If your are in the country, explore covered bridges or have an outdoor picnic in a scenic spot. You can also ask your local chamber of commerce for a walking tour map of your community.

6. Borrow a telescope (check your local stargazers group) and head out for some stargazing. Make sure to pack a blanket, too.

7. Have a worst movie night. Challenge yourself and your partner to come up with the best/worst movie he or she has ever seen. View them both if you can stand it and award a small prize, such as a back rub, to the winner. Hint: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

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