7 Other Uses For Wallpaper

So, you’ve bought a bunch of wallpaper to do that project in the kitchen, but now that you’re done, you still have some left over. There are always wallpaper “experts” telling you to buy an extra roll or two just to be sure. Well no one wants to waste money, especially in this day and age. So why not use that extra wallpaper for something different and artistic at the same time? That way, no money is lost and you feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

The following are 7 ways to use wallpaper other than on your walls:

1) Find an old shoe box or cigar box that you’re not using and cover it with the wallpaper to make a great treasure box or a handmade gift box.

2) Cut it into pieces, strips or shapes and use it for decoupage.

3) Line kitchen drawers, or drawers in the room that you originally used the wallpaper to match the decor.

4) If there’s a large enough pattern on the wallpaper, cut it out and frame it. Use multiples for a kind of artistic effect.

5) Use it to cover a wastepaper basket to match the decor in your guest room or bathroom.

6) Use a border sized strip to cover the risers on the steps of your home. You can match or contrast the colors of your decor.

7) Make a magnet for your refrigerator. Cut out a thin piece of cardboard and cover it with the wallpaper on both sides, then attach a magnet to the back piece.

It’s easy to come up with many different ideas for your extra wallpaper. Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!