7 Tips for a Good Marriage

When I told my husband I didn’t know what I was going to write for today’s blog, he suggested. ‘Five tips for a good marriage.’

‘Okay, tell me what they are,’ I replied.

‘Pick a good wife,’ Mick said with a smile.

‘That’s only one,’ I objected. ‘Where are the rest?’

‘There’s always the two key words,’ he said, trying to keep a straight face.

I knew without him saying it what the two words were. It’s a standing joke in our house. The words? ‘Yes dear.’

Can you tell sometimes he finds it hard to be serious!

So of course, being a woman, I decided yes, I could use his idea but I’ve added to the 5 tips. It’s now 7.


The first one is what he started with, after I eventually got him to be serious. Love is the basis for any marriage. I know some countries have arranged marriages but it must be very hard if there is no love. After all this is the person you are committing to for life.


This was his second and I agree. Each partner needs to have respect for the other person as a person but also in the things they attempt to do in their lives.


You not only have to love each other you have to like each other and enjoy spending time together as friends do. Too often I see couples where the husbands and wives are living totally separate lives. My husband is my best friend


I don’t think you have any lasting relationship unless you trust the other person.


Without communication a marriage is doomed to fail. We need to be able to talk things over and work through problems. So, talk about the big issues of life but also the silly little things that we will probably only share with one other person.


Think of how to please the other person rather than wanting all your own way. Does your spouse like to watch certain movies or do certain activities? Then go with them. Shared interests are a great benefit. Obviously you don’t have to share everything but some similar interests are good.


Don’t expect them to be perfect. They won’t be, any more than you are or I am. Make sure you can recognize objectively your spouse or intended’s faults and know whether you can live with them. Don’t try and change him or her. You need to be able to accept them as they are. Certain changes do sometimes occur in the course of a marriage but if you set out to deliberately change the person you are heading for disappointment.

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