8 Basic Scrapbooking Color Tips

Here are a few color tips to use and think about when creating layouts while scrapbooking.

1. Keep Your Eyes Open – Look all around you for great color palettes and colors that work well together. Pay close attention to advertisements, nature and even interior decorating samples and clothing combinations.

2. Keep an “Idea Journal” – You can keep a small notebook in your purse or bag and jot down ideas as you see them. You can even sketch a layout and then use colored pencils to convey what you would like the color palette to look like when finished. When you are stuck for ideas, just pull out your idea journal and get to work.

3. Remember the Feelings and Emotions – Colors evoke certain feelings and emotions. Pay special attention to your color choices so that you give off correct emotions. You would not want a Christmas layout done in pinks, lavender and mint green.

4. Experiment With Color – The best way to learn what looks great together, is to experiment. Try out different color combinations. Save scraps of paper and create a color block sample book and use that when trying to decide what colors might look good together.

5. Avoid the “Plain” Background – White and Black backgrounds do not do justice to your scrapbook layouts. Save these colors for matting and other embellishments. White tends to wash out your photographs and black tends to make them look darker. If you absolutely must use these colors for your background, use colors everywhere on your layouts.

6. Use Mood – Then Add Color – A common misconception is that you need to match your photographs with the colors you use. While that helps, it isn’t entirely true. Begin by setting the mood you wish to convey with your layout. Then add accent colors that match the photographs. This has a better more finished look.

7. Avoid Color Overload – Try to only use a few colors on each layout. A good rule to follow is 2-4 colors. This keeps the main focus on your photographs and not on the layout itself.

8. Busy Isn’t Better – Avoid busy background papers with lots of colors and objects scattered all over them. The key is to keep the focus on the pictures, and when you use distracting colors and objects, you lose sight of what the main intent of the layout is.

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