8 Quick Tips to Keep Your Scrap Area Organized

There are so many unique and creative ways to keep any area of your home organized. However, many scrapbookers, no matter how good their intentions are, have difficulty maintaining any form of organization. Perhaps its our right brained manner, or the fact that we are just creative mess makers, or perhaps it is just that many of us just don’t care to be completely organized. However, the productivity level of your scrapbooking will increase incredibly if you can get organized and remain that way. Here are 8 Tips to keep that scrap area more organized.

  1. Use Clear Storage – Using clear storage bins and containers allows for visibility of your scrapbook supplies. This makes finding what you need easier and quicker allowing for more actual scrapbooking time.
  2. Keep Tools Handy – Place your most often used tools in a kitchen tool caddy or a craft tool caddy or something else really innovative, and keep them close at hand.
  3. Unique Storage – Utilize a clear vinyl shoe hanging organizer over a door or a car seat organizer over the back of your chair to utilize unique storage and keep it up out of the way.
  4. Label Everything – Labeling the outsides of baskets, boxes, containers, jars and drawers makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly.
  5. Assemble Page Kits – I have preached this before, but when you get your pictures, immediately separate them by pages and place them in a kit along with any papers, embellishments, etc. you plan to use for that layout. Page kits make scrapbooking and organization easier.
  6. Create a Supply Binder – Store rubber stamp images, punch outs, and other items in a binder so that it is easy to see at a glance what you have, and so as not to duplicate any purchases.
  7. Organize all those magazines – Scrapbook magazines are great for inspiration, so store them in date order on a bookshelf. Make a page idea index to place inside your supply binder so you know which issue has that great layout you wanted to duplicate.
  8. Put Away Basket – Place an empty basket on your workspace. Each time you finish using something, scrap paper, a tool, a punch, place it in the basket. Then, when you are finished scrapbooking that page, get up and take the basket with you. Put everything back away where it goes.

I sincerely hope these quick tips will help in your organizing endeavors.

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