9 Quick Tips to Conserve Heat

February is statistically the month with the highest heating bills of the year. Maybe that is why it is also the month of love–lots of snuggling under blankets. Hey, there is a quick tip to help conserve heat! For eight more, see below.

Always lower the heat when you will be out of the house. There is no need to heat an empty house!

Moist air retains heat. That is one of the reasons high humidity feels so uncomfortable in the summer. Invest some money in a humidifier, or simmer some water on the stove to add moisture to your air.

Shut your dishwasher off before the dry cycle and open the door. Extend the racks if you don’t have small children present. Not only will you add heat and moisture to your home, but you will save money on drying the dishes.

After using your oven, leave it open a crack to let the warm air escape into your kitchen. Again, don’t do this if you have young children around.

Remove your air conditioners in the winter, as heat can escape through window or wall units. If you can’t remove the units, winterize them by covering the outside vents with cardboard and then wrap the entire unit in heavy plastic.

Adjust the rotation of your ceiling fan in the winter and use it to push warm air down from the ceiling. amazing how a fan can make you feel warmer.

Install a dryer diverter on your clothes dryer and get all of that heat in your house instead of out. To learn more about this, click here: Save Money on Home Heating: Install a Dryer Diverter

Keep your closet doors closed. Do your shirts and pants shiver when you aren’t looking? There is no need to keep them warm. The same goes for any other spaces in your home that isn’t active living space.

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