A Blind Date Leads to Love and Years

I never went on a blind date, although I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to arrange one or two. But for one couple a blind date turned out to be just the beginning. That blind date was over 50 years ago. This year the couple, Nancy and James Hibbert of Australia, achieved something statistics show only about five percent achieve – they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

When asked the secret to a long and happy marriage the Hibberts, who live at Culburra Beach, replied ‘give and take.’ And really, that sums it up in a nutshell.

That’s exactly the sort of role model we should be modeling for our family and friends – one of give and take. A marriage where each person is concerned for the well being of the other, because the interesting thing I’ve found, is when you are focused on pleasing another person what often happens is that you receive the blessing as well.

Sometimes it might be an encouraging word or practical support and understanding as they tackle some special project. It means working as a partnership, rather than each person putting the own interests first. It means listening to each other, knowing what pleases them and what doesn’t!

I’m always excited when I read stories of couples who have been married longer than Mick and I have. We hear so much about the marriages that fail and disintegrate so quickly you wonder what ever possessed the couple to contemplate marriage in the first place. Like the couple who were married, had a blinding argument in the wedding car and never even made it to the reception place before the marriage was declared over. The reception turned simply into a party for no reason and the wedding gifts were returned. That has got to be the shortest marriage ever!

Then we have others like British couple Florence and Percy Arrowsmith who celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary in June 2005. They said not going to bed angry with each other and never being afraid to say sorry were contributing factors in a long, happy marriage. Sounds like good advice from people who’ve lasted the distance. Surely that is something to aspire to.

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