A Cheap (and FUN) Date Idea

Sometimes it’s fun to do something on your night out that’s a little less ordinary. One of the funnest dates my husband and I enjoyed was a joke night. It involved three simple ingredients: jokes, pints of ice cream, and a special location. Here are some steps to having your own:

1. Find some jokes online or at the library. To prepare for the night, I looked online for some websites that offered jokes that were easy to print off. To find them, I did a simple search for “jokes.” I printed several pages from various websites. Another option for finding jokes is to check out some books from the local library.

2. Find a romantic or interesting location to spend the evening. This could be a park, flower garden, lake, mountain trail, or any other place you choose. My husband and I went to a courtyard area by a library. It had a pond, swans, and was a beautiful area to sit and chat, or go for a romantic stroll.

3. Splurge a little on a special dessert. We took our jokes with us and stopped by a grocery store for our ice cream. We decided to actually buy individual pints of ice cream, because to us that was a little more fun than buying a half gallon. Actually, that is the only time in my life that I ever remember buying a pint of ice cream for myself! We grabbed two plastic spoons from the deli section of the grocery store. You could also buy ice cream bars or a half gallon to share. The point is to splurge just a little, since this is basically the only money you will spend the entire evening.

Take your jokes and ice cream with you to your desired location. Take turns telling each other jokes and funny stories. Enjoy just spending some quality time together. This can be a fun date that will cost you only five to ten bucks.