A Collection of Minis for Mom

My mom’s birthday is less than two weeks away and I am scrambling to create a homemade gift that won’t find its way to the back of a closet.

At first I ruled out making another scrapbook for her because I seriously doubted there was a theme out there that I hadn’t already covered. Plus, my mom scrapbooks on her own, so I didn’t want to gift her with a memory book she could potentially make herself.

I shared my dilemma with my sister-in-law and she came up with a fantastic solution. Knowing that 10 days is not nearly enough time to make an elaborate scrapbook from scratch, she suggested I design a collection of mini memory books featuring a common theme-—motherhood.

Mini theme albums don’t take as much time or money to make given their size. Since you can’t fit many photos or embellishments on a single layout, you have to strategize in order to create a cohesive book that conveys your innermost thoughts and feelings.

I decided to make three minis featuring different takes on the theme of motherhood. The first album looks at the joys of motherhood and documents a number of funny moments and mama drama my mom dealt with raising me and all of my brothers. The second mini scrapbook will focus on our mother-daughter bond. Finally, the third mini memory book will feature a list of the top ten things I love the most about my mom. I plan to highlight her most admirable qualities and include photos of her and all of the members of our immediate family.

If I had more time I would include a book featuring all the lessons she’s taught me since I gave birth to my own daughter. I was also thinking of doing a multi-generational album to include all of the females in our family and the relationships they have with my mom. Unfortunately, those ideas will have to wait until later. Right now I have only five days to get all three scrapbooks done and in the mail in order for my mom to get them in time for her big day.

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