A Day in This Military Wife’s Life

I thought long about tonight’s entry but figured since this is a blog about military families why not do one on a daily look at the life of one. Before I begin I want to add this is in no way saying this is how every military family is, some families have no children while others have one or more, some have working moms while others stay at home and some even have additional family members living with them for a while, so all of these schedules would definitely look different. If you are a military family member I’d love to see a basic view of your family.

0500 (This is 8 a.m.) Wake up for PT. PT is physical training for Marines, I don’t really know how many other services do this. Of course you are about to notice that I tend to smack my alarm.

0515 Told ya I would hit that alarm, course I also smack hubby at that time and tell him to get out of bed. This is one way I know he’ll get up. Who in their right mind would wake up at such an awful hour. Ikk.

0530 This is the final warning and he must be leaving the house by now, sometimes they do have PT later but this is the normal time period. This is also when I set the alarm right beside him so I know for sure he is rudely awaken and I don’t have to stay awake any longer. He leaves the house and I hit the pillow once again.

0630 Well I didn’t get much sleep, now it is time to wake the kids. Depending on their moods I may have to actually pull them out of bed and threaten to pour water on them. Hey, my father I always threatened it and it worked. There is no going back to sleep as I know morning times bring out the grouchies and they tend to bicker back and forth with each other. Someone needs to monitor them and keep them on track or they’d never get ready.

0800 Kick the kids out of the house. No, not really, actually by this time they are wanting to dash out of the house and get to school. I’ve probably switched off the cartoons by now and replaced them with the news just to get them to brush hair and teeth.

0830 If it is raining, windy or snowing I’ve decided to take them to school and must have them there by this hour. Once home I’ll be preparing breakfast for the youngest and myself.

1200 If daddy can this is when he’ll drop by and say hello and eat some lunch or just relax. Before leaving the littlest will stand in front of the door and ask him when he’s coming home. Yes, this is due to him being gone on a deployment and now she makes sure he is always coming back.

1245 Lunch has ended, hubby must be headed back to work by now. Youngest and I have ate lunch and are preparing to watch her television shows or head down for a nap. Hey, I’m pregnant and spend lots of my time sleeping when I can.

1500 The kids are about to be released from school, if I am going to drive them home I must be headed to their school to pick them up. If I’m just staying home I make sure to set my alarm for this time that way I’m awake when they knock on the door.

1600 If the children walked home they will be home by this time, otherwise they are extremely late. Homework has started and chores have begun. A quick clean up around the house and then you’ll catch me watching old reruns of Charmed or Law and Order.

1700 Hubby is off work by now and on his way home, dinner is either being thought about or already on the oven. Okay, not all the time but it is a dream of mine.

1900 Dinner time, whether it is take out, going out, cooking dinner or heating microwave meals this is the time it is normally done by. After this kids get bath and bed.

2000 (8 p.m.) Woo hoo, we’ve made it through the day and now the kids are headed for bed. These days I’m normally going to bed when they are, which explains why I’m so tired right now as I type this up.

Now this is just a regular day, nothing exciting and I haven’t really explained what I do during the day. Normally, when I have the energy and am not feeling sick I hang out online while the youngest watches her daily shows. I hunt around online for writing jobs and check emails. After that I write up a few blogs and join my little one on the couch.

Hope this helps understand the military lifestyle. This is just a typical day, wait until you hear about deployment day or when they must work late. That’s a whole other blog though.

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