A Different Type of Family Devotion

Since Christina and I are both focusing our first few blog entries on the subject of Bible study and devotion I thought that I would write about a different type of family devotion: a spousal Bible devotion or discussion. This type of study is a good deviation from an all-inclusive family devotion because it allows the study to be on an adult level which might not be achieved around younger children.

My husband and I both have a habit of doing our own personal Bible study before we go to bed each night. We are not usually reading the same scriptures just because we have each decided on our own pattern of study. However when one of us comes across a passage we would like to discuss further or a passage that we have a question about we bring the verses up.

We start by reading the scriptures aloud together. This is a great way to start the discussion because we each read a different version of the Bible. My husband normally reads the American Standard Version while I normally read the New King James Version. Next if one of us has a question about the passage we then ask the question and begin our discussion. My husband and I frequently further our discussion by bringing up scriptures that relate, especially if the question or topic demands more investigation.

Usually our discussions are not very lengthy, but they always provide extra insight on a passage of scripture. I look forward to the times that we share this type of study, even when I am really tired. I love seeing my husband’s perspective on a passage. I almost always remember more about the subject discussed in this type of study better than when I study on my own. Not only do we both gain a better understanding of the Bible, but we are brought closer together spiritually because we are studying God’s Word together.