A Do Nothing Day

For Sunday we have planned a do nothing day. The five of us are all burnt out with school, homework, snow (but no snow days off), work, and a pile of other obligations. So Sunday, we aren’t going to do anything. We are going to have a do absolutely nothing day.

Like most things with children involved, it’s going to take some planning. All the weekend errands are going to need to be covered on Saturday. Since we are off from work and school on Monday, we don’t have to do our normal get ready for the week on Sunday night.

Meals are harder to figure out. I want us to eat well, but if I have to cook then I won’t be getting a day off! For breakfast I’m planning an overnight blueberry coffeecake. For lunch we can do nachos. For dinner I’ll pull enchiladas out of the freezer. They aren’t there yet, but I can make them on Saturday. If I buy some ice cream and toppings we could have banana splits or sundaes.

So what will we do when we aren’t running errands and working? I think we’ll sleep as late as the puppy will allow. We can stay in our pajamas as long as we want. We can watch some movies, or read books, look at our photo albums, curl up with Sunday paper, challenge each other on a computer game, or take a walk around the neighborhood. We can break out some board games, make some popcorn. My goal is to have a day of relaxing, a day with family. A day without schedules and deadlines.

I think it says a lot about our hectic lifestyles, that I’m actually a little concerned about what we will do. As great as a day of doing nothing sounds, I’m a little worried that we get bored and on each others nerves. I’ll let you know…

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