A Family Affair

Why not make scrapbooking a family affair this holiday season?

Christmas is the perfect time to get immediate and extended members of your clan involved in creating a scrapbook. While it’s unrealistic to think that every family member is going to jump at the chance to flock embellishments or arrange die cuts, there are a number of ways you can get even the most unenthusiastic members of the group to contribute to a family memory book.

For starters, you can use family gatherings to interview the oldest members of your clan. Sit down with great-grandma or great-Aunt Sue and get their perspective on certain events, then quiz the kids in the family. Youngsters are usually very eager to share their thoughts about their siblings, parents, and cousins.

Before conducting interviews with various family members, consider creating a list of questions. Here are some to get you started:

1. Name some favorite family traditions.

2. Describe our family in five words or less.

3. What is the best part of being in our family?

4. What makes our family special?

5. Which family member are you most similar to? Why?

6. Which family member are you most different from? Why?

7. Share a favorite family memory?

Once you get the answers, look for memorable quotes that can be included in your family scrapbook. Quotes can be used as page titles, photo captions, or included in a journaling block. In addition, you can print out a quote using your favorite font or make a more elaborate embellishment by using rub-on letters, alphabet stamps, stickers, or metal letter charms to highlight certain words in a special quote.

Quotes that deal with the importance of family, the relationship between parents and children or children and grandparents, are typically the most touching and should be used as centerpieces of at least a few layouts. In addition, you could use special quotes to spice up page designs that highlight the importance of extended family and friends who are like family.

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