A Fit Mind and a Fit Body

A fit mind will probably get you further than a fit body. However, I also believe that a fit mind can lead to a fit body.

On my quest to finally get this fitness thing down right, I have been making some new discoveries about myself. It’s that whatever is in my mind influences what I do. My thoughts turn into actions.

Sometimes those thoughts are negative and they turn into negative actions, like snacking too much or skipping exercise for that day. Other times my thoughts are positive and it turns into positive actions, like taking an apple instead of a bowl of ice cream and getting in my 30 minutes of exercise.

It really does all start in your mind. I have also discovered that stress plays havoc on my ability to overcome food temptations. This is all part of the mind. I get it in my mind that I am upset, confused or overwhelmed and I allow the action to be that I turn to food for comfort. So I recognize that I must change what is going on within my mind.

I cannot change some outward circumstances. Things will happen that bring on stress. I can’t always control that, although, sometimes I can. However what will I do with the circumstances that can’t be controlled? Will I allow it to fester in my mind? If I do, I will make poor choices.

Instead, if I begin to work on my mind and make it more fit, chasing away the negative things and choosing instead to think positive then the results are more likely to be positive.

Think about it this way. How many of us have stood in front of our mirror and either out loud or inside our heads said, “You are too fat.” When we get that thinking in our mind it usually brings distress. Distress usually results in eating or drowning ourselves in television programs or the internet. So then we don’t take steps to work on our bodies.

What would happen if instead we looked in the mirror and said, “Not bad but I could stand to lose a few pounds.” You would probably feel differently about yourself. Since you haven’t hammered yourself, you are more likely to take that walk or put together a new eating plan.

My point is that if we want fit bodies, then I think many of us need to work on having a fit mind. Start there and see what happens.

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