A Frugal Secret: Bakery Thrift Stores

Finding out where your closest bakery thrift store is located is definitely worth the trouble. Here is why.

What is a bakery thrift store? Don’t worry, it isn’t a place where used second-hand bread is sold! Instead it is a great place, where you can purchase high quality, fresh bread and bakery products that are generally 50 percent or more off of the prices for the same products that are sold in the stores.

What is sold at a bakery thrift store? Basically, you can find any fresh baked goods that you would normally find at your regular grocery store. The thrift stores sell all of the overruns of popular products. In other words, if the bakery makes more baked goods than the stores buy, well then the extras wind up at the bakery thrift stores.

Most bakery thrift stores are owned by a specific well-known commercial bakery, such as Pepperidge Farm. They generally don’t advertise their existence. You can find these thrift stores in the telephone book or by word of mouth. We found ours simply by driving around the area.
Here are some tips to take with you when you go shopping at a bakery thrift store.

1. Find out when fresh goods are delivered. This could be every day or two or three times a week. It all depends. Shopping on these days ensures that you get the very freshest selection.

2. Shop on sale days. You can get amazing deals on sale days, such as 12 cent loaves of bread, pies for a dollar or less, boxes of cookies for just 50 cents.

3. Stock up. Purchase as much as you can afford and carry. Baked goods freeze amazingly well, so it pays to stock up when you find the good deals. Just take your treasure home and stick it in the freezer. For bread, I don’t even take it out of the original wrapper. To defrost, just place on the counter for a few hours or wrap a couple of slices in a paper towel and microwave for a few seconds.

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