A Godly Wife

What is a godly woman? I think it’s important here to refer you back to my previous blog and to stress that there is no mold. We are all unique and different and I’m glad. Being a godly wife doesn’t mean you look like June Cleaver and it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. You must truly believe that before you read on to what a godly wife is. Otherwise you will just be following a bunch of rules and trying to play a role.

First of all, a godly woman has a relationship with God. She makes time to fellowship with Him through prayer and worship. She reads the Bible and she thinks about it throughout her day. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and lets Him lead her.

Recently I shared the following analogy in a forum, where the discussion was about how our faith affects our marriage. If we truly submit our lives to Christ, we are like a pie. God is the crust. Everything is in Him. He holds us together and gives us form. So ladies, if we are in Christ, He is going to shape us. He will make us godly wives and mothers. He will cause us to be a better friend and He will show us how to love the people around us. Being in Him is the key to all the things I will share here. Some of the things that I am about to share are taken from Proverbs 31, and a few things I have added in myself.

A godly wife is trustworthy. Her husband has full confidence that she will do what she says she will or what he asks of her. She is a blessing to her husband. She honors and serves him with a joyful heart.

She cares for her children. She teaches them and trains them. She makes sure that their needs are met. She loves them and knows that they are a blessing and not a burden.

She is a hard worker. She wakes up early and she stays up late. She makes sure that there is food for everyone. She takes care of the home. Maybe she pays the bills or maybe she has a job. She makes sure that everything gets done. (Note- This doesn’t mean that she does everything herself. Keep in mind that Proverbs 31 lady had servants.) She keeps her body strong and fit, so that she can do all these things.

She is kind and generous. She sees the needs of the people around her and she reaches out to help them. Maybe she makes a meal for a new mother or perhaps she takes the elderly neighbor next door grocery shopping.

She takes care of her home and she makes it clean and comfortable. This doesn’t mean that she has expensive furniture or that it’s a palace. Personally, I feel most welcomed in homes where I can plop down on a cozy couch and not worry about breaking a piece of fine china as I sip tea.

She takes care of herself. She wears nice clothes and she makes herself presentable. Again, this doesn’t mean expensive designer clothes or even June Cleaver dresses (Poor June- I don’t mean to give her such a hard time!) It just means that her clothes are clean and nice.

There are few other things that I notice, as I read through Proverbs 31. A godly wife thinks ahead. She plans for things in advance so that she is always prepared. There is no time to be lazy and there is no room for selfishness. Her desire is to be a blessing to others. She finds fulfillment and satisfaction in that.

I’ll say it one more time. There is no mold. We all are different. Maybe you do live in a palace where servants abound, or maybe you are sick and unable to do many of these things. The real issue is your heart. Do you have a relationship with God? Do you love others and do you seek to be a blessing? Do you honor your husband?

I love stories! If you have a story about being a godly wife, please feel free to share it with me.