A Good Basic Recipe

Starting with a good basic recipe is important. From that point it’s easy to branch out and add your own individual touches or experiment. I’m a great one for experimenting in the kitchen. That’s often how the best recipes are created.

This week I made the recent chocolate hedgehog slice I gave you. This was one Mick had made initially, but of course when I got near it I couldn’t leave it alone.Partly it was to do with what I didn’t have in the pantry at the time and sheer laziness in not feeling like going up to the shops to get the required ingredients.

The other part is just me. I love changing recipes. More to the point, I wonder if I have ever followed a recipe exactly. I guess since I’ve been cooking since I was eight years old I tend to trust my own judgment when it comes to ingredients and things that go together.

So these are the changes I made to the original recipe, Mick used, which of course wasn’t the original recipe he saw anyway. Seems he’s picked up a few habits from me over the years and couldn’t resist making changes either.

I didn’t have any castor sugar so substituted raw sugar instead. My theory is sugar is sugar. The coconut biscuits were replaced with gluten free corn flakes crumbs. Instead of the slivered almonds, I used mixed nuts, mainly because I had some that were going to be out of date if they didn’t get used soon. It did occur to me to wonder what exactly could go wrong with a nut and how they would go off, but still better to use them up.

The best part about this slice is that it’s so easy and needs no baking.

I took the slice to a coffee and dessert evening and what happened? Everyone went wild over it and wanted the recipe. But which recipe, that’s the question. Next time I make it, it’s likely to be changed again.

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