A Great Thing About a Home Business–There Are Days When I Can Put Off Taking a Shower

Now, I don’t want to imply that I am a grungy, sloppy, troll working away in my home business–but one of the big differences between a traditional job and running a home-based business is that one doesn’t always have to get up, shower, dress, put on make-up and do hair, etc .before getting to work. There are days when I can get right to my work and then take a break a couple hours in to shower and get dressed. Having that sort of flexibility makes me feel like I am more in control of my time and I can work when I’m feeling most inspired, instead of waiting until I get lovely and bathed and get to work.

In fact, there are those really productive days where I don’t even take time out to shower until AFTER I’ve finished all my work, then I can get freshened up and go out and meet a friend for coffee or go to a book store and do something for myself and it feels rather decadent. I suppose the showering issue is really just another example of how with a home-based business, we don’t always have to be spend our time doing those external or superficial things in order to be presentable in public. It can save money too–without having to have a full wardrobe of work clothes and keep ourselves in hairspray and panty hose, those expenses of working the traditional job go away or are diminished. Of course, we might have other business expenses that replace those, but many of those are tax deductible!

So, even though I might not look as presentable and as lovely when I am working from home, I definitely love that I can put off taking a shower if the inspiration strikes and I just HAVE to get to my desk and computer!

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