A Hero’s Journey – Take Your Bachelor Party on the Road

Getting married soon? Looking for a way to celebrate your bachelor party without all the debauchery? Get together a group of your best male friends and rent a van. Then hit the road. You’ll need two or three days (maybe more) for this, so plan accordingly. Start by pulling out a map – you can choose a city map, a state map or a map of the U.S. (remember, the larger the map, the more time you may need.)

Now, take a set of darts and have each man in the bachelor party throw a dart at the map. Once all the darts have been thrown, plot a course that takes you to every destination you hit with the dart. Load up the van with some cold drinks (water, soda, sports drinks – no alcohol) and food (sandwiches, snacks) and a change of clothes or three and then everyone load up and hit the road.

Visit every destination on the course – some of them may be in the middle of nowhere, but it’s not the destination that matters – it’s the journey. Share stories; explore where you are going and try to learn something new about the places and the people in your party.

National Forests, Monuments and More

If the map idea doesn’t work as well, have everyone write down a favorite place they always wanted to go – or have the prospective groom write out several places he’d like to have seen. Put all the names in a bucket or a hat – now choose three. Head out to those destinations from the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Niagara Falls, Liberty Hall, Statue of Liberty or more — the journey is as much about internal as well as external discovery.

You can also choose a theme for your trip – you can make it about history, about nature or about the routes of famous explorers. The idea is for the guys to enjoy themselves, learn more about their world, their country, and their history and about themselves. Consider it a journey of bonding – of fun and experience.

Have you ever taken a road trip with the guys?

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