A Holiday Wish List For Cats

Cricket’s Letter to Santa:

Dear Santa Paws,

If the dogs get to write wish lists, I do too! It’s only fair.

1. I would like one of those drinking fountains instead of a plain old water bowl. The dogs drink from a bowl, Santa, I like my water in motion. It tastes better that way. I understand that drinking more water promotes good urinary tract health, too.

2. You know I love those dangly things on wands! It’s fun to stalk the ribbon, and my people get the thrill of me letting them play. And okay, maybe I could use a little more exercise. Dangly things are good exercise! Really!

3. I’m not much of an outside cat, so I would love one of those little cat grass gardens. I hope they’re easy to grow… Aimee has a black thumb! There’s only about one plant in the house she hasn’t killed yet. But I digress. Cat grass… yummy! Helps my digestion so I don’t have to help Aimee kill another plant by eating it.

4. And how about some Feline Greenies? The dogs just discovered them and had a blast crunching away. Fair is fair, Santa, I’d like to give them a try. Right now they have four flavors or a variety pack. Variety is good, Santa, very good. And Greenies help dogs and cats get the junk off their teeth between meals.

5. One more… don’t want to be too greedy! How about one of those kitty condos? You know, a little fleecy tower I can climb on and play on and hide in if the dogs are bugging me! I can scratch it, too, and not something that will get my people mad at me.

6. Okay, one for my people, too. A sticky tape brush or hair scraper to get all the dog hair off the couch and chairs! Dog hair is gross… cat hair is decoration.

Happy HOWLidays, Santa!
Much love, Cricket