A Holiday Wish List For Dogs

Lally’s Letter to Santa:

Dear Santa Paws,

This year I have been very good. I only piddled in the house once, and it was because I was excited to play. I only piddled on the porch a few times, and it was because I was really excited to see whoever was coming to visit. Sometimes I growl at my brother when he tries to steal my squeaky ball, but then I let him take it anyway. I’m a good dog!

Here’s what I would really like for Christmas this year!

1. A hundred Zanies Freaky Squeaky balls. Santa, these are my FAVORITE! They come in four colors and have funny faces on them and they’re not too hard like some rubber or plastic balls. Nice soft and chewy latex. Best of all… THEY SQUEAK! They go “Dibba dib! Dibba dib!” when I chew on them. I’m asking for a hundred because whenever I get one, Moosie usually takes it and bites a hole in it so the squeaker won’t work. I’ll still chase it, but I miss the squeak.

2. Chicken jerky. I loooooove chicken! Chicken jerky is chicken, but chewy and crunchy at the same time. I would eat chicken jerky all day, but I only get it as a treat. If you bring the kind that’s mostly fat free, I can share with Moosie.

3. I should probably ask for some Nature’s Miracle for those rare occasions that I have a little piddle in the house. Mom likes to clean up messes with that stuff.

4. Peanut butter flavored biscuits. Or, even better, a plain rawhide with peanut butter smeared on it. I love peanut butter! I hear they make peanut butter flavored ice cream for dogs, too! Some of that would be nice.

Thank you, Santa Paws!
Sniffs and Licks,
Lally Beeber

Moose’s Letter to Santa:

Dear Santa Paws,

Moose is a good Moose. Mom says Moose is the best Moose ever. Moose likes to lick lick lick the people he loves. Moose has a lot of love to give. Moose will lick Santa when Santa comes to visit.

This is what Moose would like for Christmas…

1. Snacks! Moose will eat just about anything. Cookies would be great. Moose has a sweet tooth. Vanilla, carob, anything will do. Moose isn’t allowed to have chocolate, but carob tastes just as good!

2. A nice soft bolster bed. Moose likes to lean against something to sleep. The back of the couch, Mom, Mom’s pillows, you know what Moose likes.

3. A new slicker brush, or maybe one of those nubby mitts for grooming. Moose likes to be brushed. That undercoat is always shedding out! One of those shedding blade things would be okay, too, but Moose likes the slicker brush the best.

4. A dremel tool, for Moose’s toes. Mom doesn’t like Moose’s pointy toes. Moose doesn’t like when Mom gets the nail clippers out. This might be a good compromise.

You may not know this, but Moose saves Mom from the vacuum cleaner all the time. Moose barks at it and bites it and drags it so it doesn’t eat Mom. Moose is a good Moose!

Happy holidays, Santa!