A Journal Making Party (1)

Journal making is a fun and frugal way to spend time with friends and enjoy the art of scrapbooking without actually scrapbooking.

As most of you know, I am the queen of journaling (and frugality really) and so of course I have to have journals scattered throughout my home.

A couple of weekends ago, our entire family, including myself (and I’ve already made several) created journals for fun. I have taken great pleasure in watching the kids use them.

One of our girls loves to draw Manga (Japanese animation) so she has chosen to use her journal for that.

Another one has decided to write stories in hers. She’s a terrific author and now she has a place to write her ideas and stories.

Our youngest girl is busy using it for anything and everything. She writes thoughts, diary entries, stories and drawings – in fact, you name it, she’s probably got it in there. It’s a universal journal that she is very proud of.

And last but not least, my daughter Brielle is using hers strictly as a journal about what she does everyday and to write about herself. She takes it to school with her almost daily and uses it when they have to write their daily journal. The teacher approved it and was ecstatic to see us encouraging writing at home and in a fun way.

Each child is unique, just as each journal is unique and I am so glad that we did them.

Several weeks ago I posted directions on making a journal. Designing a Journal (1) , Designing a Journal (2) and Designing a Journal (3).

This got everyone in our family excited and they wanted to make them too. So we did. However, we also decided it would be fun to host a journal making party with our friends so they could catch the journaling/scrapbooking bug too. Plus there is nothing more fun than a party just because! We are planning ours for later in the fall when the days grow too cold to be outside.

Be sure and check out the next installment in this series: A Journal Making Party (2).

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