A Journal Making Party (2)

Hopefully you got a chance to read the first article in this series: A Journal Making Party (1).

Here are a few ways to help make your Journal Making Party more fun!

First, be sure to read the three articles I wrote mentioned in the previous blog, so that you are aware of how to create and design them.

A couple of cute food ideas for the Journal Making Party:

  • Alphabet soup
  • Punch or Juice (called Journaling Juice)
  • Cookies (be sure and cut them with alphabet cookie cutters)
  • flexible licorice (to form letters with)

A couple of fun games you can play after you’ve created your journals can include charades, scrabble, boggle or any other form of a word game! Word searches and easy crossword puzzles are excellent fun too.

While you are making the journals, keep the kids talking about what they plan to do with them. First, it’s fun to hear their ideas, and secondly it gets them thinking about what they want to do with it. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions or embellish on something they’ve already mentioned.

There are tons of ways to use their journals:

  • word collections,
  • drawing,
  • diary,
  • stories,
  • quotes,
  • poems,
  • glue photos,
  • glue pictures and words cut from various places,
  • page collages,
  • scrapbook,

Most of all just remember to have fun. You might even provide the kids with some creative writing prompts to get them started on their journaling.

  • Today we……
  • My favorite thing about my _____ is …….
  • I love spending time with ______ because ….
  • When I am bored I ….
  • If _____ wanted to ______ I would ……..
  • In the future I want to …….
  • My favorite item in the whole world is ______ because ……
  • My favorite thing to do when I have free time is …….

And just brainstorm more and create a goody bag for the end of the party and insert your list in it.

Other fun ideas for gift bags at the end would be:

  • a funky or special pen,
  • miniature dictionary,
  • pencils and/or erasers,
  • colored pencils,
  • photos of the child or their favorite things,
  • glue stick,
  • stickers,
  • alphabets (stickers, diecuts, etc)

Be as creative as you can and you could have a lot of fun with this party!

Scrapbooking is never more fun than when you share it with others, and the perfect start for kids is something simple such as a Journal Making Party!! Have fun!

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