A little about me

If someone requested that I list the top ten or 20 events that have left the greatest impact on my life so far, without having to think twice I would choose traveling as number one, two, and three. I’m not new to domestic or international travel, but for the last several years I’ve had a major appetite for more traveling opportunities. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel to several countries throughout Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. I’ve even spent several years growing up in West Africa and just recently returned from two years of service as a US Peace Corps Volunteer on the island of Antigua in the Eastern Caribbean. As far as domestic travel is concerned, I’ve been to 22 states excluding my home state of Pennsylvania.
Naturally, any topic related to travel, whether domestic or international, grabs my attention. I guess it’s easy to say that I have probably been bitten by the “travel bug.” If that’s the case, then please don’t cure me. I will not stop traveling until there is only outer space left for me to explore. If I could, I’d go out there, too!