A Long Conversation

Conversation is imperative if gaps are to be filled, and old age, it is the last gap but one. – Patrick White

A happy marriage is a long conversation, which always seems too short. – Andre Maurois

A lack of conversation is a warning sign that a marriage is troubled. I have always considered myself fortunate that no matter what troubles my husband and I seem to be facing, a lack of conversation is not one of them. Consider back to when you and your spouse first met – conversation was likely not a problem.

We don’t marry people just to have someone to talk to – but talking to them is a huge perk. Who else can you talk to whenever you want whether you want to discuss the latest happenings on a favorite show, a book you liked or how much milk costs at the local grocery versus Walmart?

We have myriads of conversations throughout our regular daily life and routine. We have little conversations, big conversations, meaningless conversations and even silly conversations. Ultimately, our best conversations are those where we have each others undivided attention.

The late nights after the kids are in bed where you can just relax and talk about anything. Those are some of my favorites – or when we are both in the kitchen in the morning, making breakfast and fixing coffee – catching up on each other’s plans for the day.

Conversation fulfills a great many needs in us, not the least of which are:

  • Having your thoughts and feelings respected and heard.
  • Feeling connected to another person.
  • Learning new things.
  • Sharing good moments and bad
  • Sorting through problems.
  • Discussing and exploring possible solutions.
  • Sharing laughter and understanding.

I know that he’s the first one I want to call when there is something wrong and the first one I want to call when something goes right. We can talk about the deep stuff – theoretical, historical, metaphorical or just plain satirical. Conversation is important – it keeps the connection alive between you and your spouse.

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Heather Long is 35 years old and currently lives in Wylie, Texas. She has been a freelance writer for six years. Her husband and she met while working together at America Online over ten years ago. They have a beautiful daughter who just turned five years old. She is learning to read and preparing for kindergarten in the fall. An author of more than 300 articles and 500+ web copy pieces, Heather has also written three books as a ghostwriter. Empty Canoe Publishing accepted a novel of her own. A former horse breeder, Heather used to get most of her exercise outside. In late 2004, early 2005 Heather started studying fitness full time in order to get herself back into shape. Heather worked with a personal trainer for six months and works out regularly. She enjoys shaking up her routine and checking out new exercises. Her current favorites are the treadmill (she walks up to 90 minutes daily) and doing yoga for stretching. She also performs strength training two to three times a week. Her goals include performing in a marathon such as the Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness or Team in Training for Lymphoma research. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through the fitness and marriage blogs.