A Note of Introduction and the Three Rules of Romance in Marriage

Hi there, Family.com! I just wanted to introduce myself to you briefly and proceed onto the topic you’ve come here to read about: Marriage.

I’ve been a freelance writer for as long as I can remember. I’m not new to blogging, for I’ve been blogging for more than two years and covering numerous topics for several Internet sites. On this site, I will cover the topic of marriage and relationships.

I’ve been married for nearly 18 years and have learned a lot over the years through trial and error. My goal is to share the wisdom I’ve gained through my life experiences, in hopes that it will bring new fire and creativity to your relationship.

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Everyone wants to add a little excitement to his or her marriage, and the best way to do that is to think creatively and romantically.

The first rule of romance is to know what your mate likes.
Some spouses plan romantic events revolving around what they like and what they think is romantic, but the key to romance is planning events revolving around what your mate likes. You may consider flowers and candy romantic, but your mate may think a night alone together on the couch watching football is just as romantic. You may not even like football, but consider the fact that you’ll be spending time near the one you love, cuddling under a blanket, and eating popcorn.

Romance is about giving, not just receiving. It’s about knowing what’s important to the other person and fulfilling his or her desires.

The second rule of romance is to remember that romance is not necessarily something you do, but rather, how you think.
Many couples fall into a routine in their marriages and stop feeling romantic. Maybe during special occasions they’ll plan a nice dinner out and a movie, but other than that, they rarely have a date night. Romance becomes a thing of the past, and they think it too much work to plan romantic outings.

Romance, in a marriage, is best seen as a state of mind, an attitude, a thought and feeling created by choice. It may be hard to feel romantic when you’ve had to deal with screaming kids and piles of laundry, but if you start seeing romance as a state of being, you will feel more satisfied in your marriage.

This romantic state of being can be developed by thinking of some of the good times you’ve had during your marriage. By activating these memories, you generate the romantic state of mind that will help you feel more satisfied in your marriage. These feelings will multiply into new feelings, experiences, and creative thinking.

The third rule of romance is maintaining a sense of humor.
The best way to develop this is to plan a 24-hour day/evening where you will practice finding humor in everything and anything. This may be a challenge for you if you’re of the serious type, but whether you are or you’re not, it’s time to laugh. Satire, light sarcasm, and just plain finding humor can add to the romance of your marriage. “A family that laughs together stays together” as some people like to say, and it’s true, so, start laughing. Later, when you’re among friends and family, these funny things will pop in your mind and you will share an “inside joke” moment with your other half and smile, laugh, and wink at each other.

As you work on these three foundational rules of romance, the details will slowly work themselves out.