A Review of “Primary Partners”

If you teach primary, you may have problems holding the children’s attention, or there may be days when the lesson goes so well that you are left with time at the end. It can be difficult to know what to do with that time. You do not want to let the children get out of hand so you may play a game of hang man or another type of game. Another option for you is use one of the “Primary Partners” books.

These books are designed so that they correspond with the different primary lessons. The books are available for all age groups, as well as for sharing times. The books provide games, crafts, and coloring pages, which are all related to the lesson or to the theme. The books generally only provide one activity per lesson.

As I recommend these books, I do so with a word of caution. The materials are designed to supplement your lesson, not to replace it. While I was serving in the primary presidency we had a member from the general board who cautioned us against relying on these materials. It is important that you teach the assigned lesson, and follow the manual. If you use these activities to fill in time at the end of the lesson or as a reward for good behavior, then it is most likely okay. Use your judgement in using the activities.

The ideas in these books can also be used at home as Sunday craft activities or to supplement family home evenings. The ideas are cute and fun. Every child I know has enjoyed completing the activities. I feel that the books are designed well with the gospel principles in mind. They provide a lot of ideas, which can help the children further understand the points made in the lesson.